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Alex Fujino | 藤野 アレックス


藤野 アレックス
マネージング ディレクター

Who you are to Atikus?

Alex Fujino is the founder and Managing Director of Atikus Consulting K.K. As well as managing the day to day operations, Alex also helps to run the Life Sciences team which recruits in the Pharmaceutical, CRO and Medical Device industries here in Japan.

Spaces you cover / recruit in

Pharmaceutical and CRO industries


What can you offer?

Having managed or been part of managing hundreds of candidate introductions over his career as a recruiter, Alex's biggest value add is experience and knowing what the potential outcome could be. Recruitment is not simply a sales role, and not just consulting either.

Atikus works with people who have their own minds and make their own decisions. With this fact in mind, we respect the decisions that our candidates and clients make. Even if the outcomes are not always what we hoped for, our company can utilise our years of experience to come up with realistic solutions. 

Years of experience / background

After graduating from Royal Holloway, University of London, Alex went straight into recruitment at the age of 22. After 2 years of working in London, he decided to move to Japan and continue his recruitment career and moved further into executive search.

In 2010, Alex joined a well known healthcare and IT focused executive search firm as one of its founding members. He was instrumental in growing the company to 40+ employees and co-managed the healthcare team. He worked with this company for 7+ years until its successful acquisition in 2016. With his mission at this company now complete, Alex took the opportunity to establish a new organisation in order to continue his career in recruitment and helping to build an organisation based on professionalism, trust, quality, and delivery. 

Career highlights

Able to help successfully set up and run a well regarded search company from the age of 33. 

Holding the record for highest single quarter of booked revenue and highest for booked annual revenue in his previous company. Youngest recruiter to be promoted to Partner in his previous company's history.  


Hobbies / Something Personal

Outside of work, Alex loves to play bass guitar. He has been playing in bands and performing in shows since a young age and continues to play live occasionally with his band, Villain.


マネージング ディレクター








ロンドン ロイヤルホロウェイ大学を卒業後、22歳でリクルーティングの世界に飛び込む。ロンドンで2年の経験を積んだ後来日。 リクルーターとしてのキャリアを積みながらエグゼクティブサーチに携わる。2010年、ヘルスケアとITで高名なエクゼクティブサーチ会社に創立メンバーの1人として入社。 創立当初は数名だった会社の成長に尽力し、ヘルスケアチームを率いた。7年間の後、2016年に会社が合併されたのを機に退社。リクルーターとしてのキャリアを積み上げるため新会社を設立。プロフェッショナリズム、信頼、品質、約束が信条。







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